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January 1
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Hi, everyone! And happy new year! Airborne  It's a little late, but hope Santa treated you well! I received Mass Effect Trilogy, Skyrim, a Mérida (Brave) doll, a Monster High, clothes... Santa was very kind to me this year lol (my boyfriend is the best and he made me too much presents <3) and I gifted myself Trine (1 and 2) and the amazing N7 leggins (they should come in two or three weeks, i'm toooo excited). What about you? 
I'm sorry it took me too long to answer the comments, to thanks the :+fav:s and the watchs, but i've been too busy these months with college things and making a new cosplay >.< 
I'm currently working on Sona Pentakill costume, i've finished the leather arm thing with spikes (don't know it's name, but i'm talking about this, ignore the bad quality of the photo and my "sporty" look (?) xD)

 Sona WIP by KibaNightray 
One of the base for the chains that pend in her skirt is finished too, but i've got no pictures already. Soon i'll update my progress of this cosplay, wich i like a lot because Sona is one of my main characters in League of Legends and this in one of my favourites skins in the game <3 

Well, i'm going now, hope your 2014 will be an amazing year. Best wishes! 

                                                                            Kiba~~ Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) 
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  • Playing: Trine and Skyrim
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Have a great year as well! :)
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